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Nick Garrie

Nick HamiltonReal Name: Nick Garrie
Date and Place of Birth : June 22nd 1949, Yorkshire
Trivia: Nick Garrie changed his name to Nick Hamilton (his mother's maiden name) after a request from Francis Lai for his second album. 

Inspirations and influences:
Beatles, Byrds, Dylan, Jacqes Brel and probably more French pop music than English.

Queen Of Spades / Close Your Eyes - unreleased single.
-  A tape recorded in Belgium, unreleased. 

Nick Garrie - Close Your Eyes

1 - The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas (DiscAZ 1969)  -  Recorded as Nick Garrie. 
2 - Suitcase Man (Picas 1984)  -  Includes Smile co-written with Francis Lai. This recording went up tp the No.1 position on Spain (El Hombre de la Maleta).
3 - The Playing Fields (1993)  -  Includes Love in My Eyes co-written with Francis Lai and in 1994 Nick toured Japan and Korea with the Francis Lai orchestra.
4 - Twelve Old Songs (LBM)  -  Re-recordings of his own songs, includes Love in My Eyes.
5 - Plastic Tree  (RG Prince 2003)  -  Soundtrack composed by Francis Lai with one song with lyrics and sung by Nick Hamilton.
6 - 49 Arlington Gardens (Elefant Records 2009)  -  Includes Lovers composed by Francis Lai with lyrics and sung by Nick Hamilton from Plastic Tree movie.
Other Activities
- Nick runs a ski club in the Swiss Alps, teaching skiing during the day and playing and singing at night. 
- He has also run a balloon company and is now working as a French teacher in a comprehensive school. 

~  Information taken from the official site and his interview from Sweet Albion  ~

NICK GARRIE - 9/17 Suitcase Man [Festival Alta Fidelidad 30-12-2009]

Collaborations with Lai
 :. Lyrics by Nick Hamilton
 *   Ballerina Eyes  performed by Navah
 *   Love In My Eyes  performed by Nick Hamilton, included in the album Suitcase Man
 -   NoŽl, Un Enfant  performed by  Saskia & Serge, lyrics by Pierre-Andrť Dousset and Nick Hamilton 
 *   Smile  performed by Nick Hamilton, included in the album The Playing Fields
 +   Walk Across the World  performed by Brenda Wooton
 =   Lovers  from Plastic Tree soundtrack, performed by Nick Hamilton
Nick Hamilton and Francis Lai recorded Lovers over the phone. Nick is in Lisbon and Lai in Paris!
Love in My Eyes, Smile and Walk Across the World are included in the 14CD Boxset Francis Lai Story. Lyrics (poorly) transcribed by me are located in Non Soundtrack Songs 2

NICK GARRIE - 8/17 Love In My Eyes [Festival Alta Fidelidad 30-12-2009]

For more information visit Garrie's official website:   Nick Garrie
For more information visit Hamilton's official website:   Nick Hamilton


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