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Pierre Barouh

pierreDate and Place of Birth : February 19th 1934, Paris
The success of Un Homme et Une Femme not only brought fame and financial success to Francis Lai but also to Pierre Barouh, and he went on creating his own record label "Saravah" and at the same time developing his own style with bossa nova and other world's music influences.

- Sarava is a Brazilian word that means "blessing for the living and the dead" and Barouh added the additional "h" resembling his own surname. Also Barouh in Hebrew means "Blessed". Source: RFI Musique
- Ça va, ça vient (Ceux qui revént les yeux ouverts) written by Pierre Barouh with many photos and lyrics, including some with Francis Lai
- Saravah - A Film by Pierre Barouh, with Baden Powell, Maria Bethania, Joao da Bahiana, Pinxiginha, Paolinho da Viola
- Japanese TV program "French Pops" where a Japanese host visited many of the French stars of the 60s, including Pierre Barouh at Vendee and Francis Lai with Croisille remembering the A Man and a Woman music.

Vivre! - Pierre Barouh

Un homme et une femme (1966, Disques AZ, LPS-7) - The most famous Lai soundtrack had lyrics by Barouh. He also acted in the movie as the ex-husband of Amouk Aimee and sung Samba Saravah, Aujourd'hui c'est toi, A l'Ombre de Nous and Plus Fort que Nous

Pierre Barouh - Samba Saravah

Vivre (1966 ?, Disques AZ, LPS.10) - Contains collaborations Vivre ! and Huit heures à dormir
Vivre pour Vire (1967, Disques AZ) - Wrote the French lyrics to Des Ronds Dans l'Eau and Aujourd'hui c'est toi
13 jours en France (1968, Saravah, SH 12193) - Barouh sings Peggy and Descente
- Ça va, ça vient (1972, Saravah, SHL 2090) - Contains collaboration Le petit ciné
Dites 33, volume 1 (1972, Saravah, SHL 2099).
Viking bank (1977, Saravah, SHL 2114) - Contains Huit heures à dormir and La bicyclette collaborations with Lai
Le pollen (1977, Saravah, SHL 1066) - Contains Saint Paul de Vence collaboration with Lai
Le divorcement (1979, Saravah, SHL 1076) - Soundtrack composed entirely by Barouh
Dites 33 volume 2 (1983, Saravah, OMCX-1061) - Recording with Yasuaki Shimiza and Les Moonriders
Sierras (1984, Saravah, DKB 113) - CD contains collaboration with Lai such as Que viva villas
Noël (1990, Saravah)
Au Kabaret de la dernière chance (1994, Saravah, SHL 1063).
De la Scarpe à la Seine (1996, Saravah, SHL 2072) - Duo with Françoise Kucheida
Itchi go icthi e (1998, Saravah, SHL 2089)
Le grenier de Saravah, volume 1 (2003, Saravah, OMCX 1104) - CD compilation with rare and unreleased tracks
Saudade (2003, Saravah, SHL 2115) - Compilation

Pierre Barouh - Ce N'Est Que De L'Eau

- Wikipedia - A brief entry about Pierre Barouh (in French)
- - Recordings of Barouh at
- Interview at
- RFI Musique - Note on Barouh, his DVD, including his friendship with Brazilian musicians
- Air Structures - Discography of Barouh with comments
- Le Parolier - A more concise discography.

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