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Roland Romanelli

Roland RomanelliFrom an italian family, Roland Romanelli is born in Algery in the spring of 1946. At the age of 3, he reveals a gift and makes the music his own universe.
Although his father wanted him to pursuit a career as pianist, he chooses the accordion, a very difficult instrument with which he gathers success thru national and international contests.
His debut arrives working for Barbara, to whom he will accompany for more than 15 years. His talent and exceptional ease of adaptation allows him to associate to big names as arranger, musician or composer. An amazing list that gives him the respect and the consideration from his peers.
A pioneer on the synthesizers, where he shows his mastering, he will found his artistic identity with SPACE (Magic Fly, Turn me on, Connecting Fly) that reaches the american hit-parade and sell 8 million of copies.
Roland Romanelli has a considerable force for work and a great ability in his execution. After some time, he will devote his eyes into the composition. He will associate with big names in the field, such as Michel Legrand, Vladimir Cosma, Francis Lai, and many more. He also did some music for commercials and tv programs.
Checking a list of his works, we can understand the value and quality of this artist, his passion and the journey of a man, the dimension of an universe that he will discover on his imaginary journey.

~   Rough translation from liner notes on Voyous Voyelles soundtrack CD   ~  

Romanelli - Connecting Flight (1982)

Collaborations with Francis Lai
List of Romanelli collaborations with Francis Lai:
    1984     -     Les Ripoux 
    1984     -     J'Ai Rencontre le Pere Noel
    1985     -     Astrolab 22
    1985     -     AIDS
    1985     -     Marie
    1985     -     Seijo Densetsu
    1986     -     Association de Malfeiteurs
    1986     -     Sins
    1987     -     Cosmos
    1988     -     Racco Monogatari
    1988     -     Bernadette
    1989     -     Disperatamente Giulia
    1990     -     Ripoux Contre Ripoux
    2003     -     Ripoux 3
    2004     -     La Genre Humain Volume 1: Les Parisiens

Francis Lai - Robomanie


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