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Music composed by   Francis Lai

Arrangements by Christian Gaubert.

Released by Music for Pleasure, Sounds Superb, SPR 90042, made in Great Britain, Vinyl release

Liner Notes



01 Theme from Love Story (from the film)
02 Dance of Love (Original Soundtrack from the film)
03 Under our star (Sur Notre Etoile) Vocal by Francis Lai
04 Solitude (Original Soundtrack from "The Smell of Savages")
05 Love in the Rain (Un Amour de pluie) (Original Soundtrack from the film)
06 The Legend of Frenchie King (Les petroleuses) (Original Soundtrack from the film)
07 A Man and a Woman (Un Homme et une femme) (from the film)
08 For a shadow (Pour une ombre) (Original Soundtrack from 'Love in the Rain')
09 For the blood of others (Par le sang des autres) (Original Soundtrack from the film)
10 The Blue Rose (La rose bleue) Vocal by Francis Lai
11 African Summer (Original Soundtrack from the film)
12 Happy New Year (La Bonne Annee) (Original Soundtrack from the film)

Liner Notes

There is no more dedicated or professional man-about-music, than Francis Lai. It is his life. I have seen him on the streets of Paris, and along the Croisette in Cannes, but his natural habitat is his private studio at his home on the Rue Franklin, or in a darkened screening room, appraising the possibilities of some new motion picture for which he has been asked to compose the score. There are few people one can use the word genius about, and be on safe ground. Francis Lai has this quality which appears constantly in his melodies, that are at once so engaging, they seem to have been plucked out of the air of Paris.

There is great deal of Paris in his modest and endearing man. Piaf loved him, and so did Maurice Chevalier. He is basically a piano-accordion player, whose feet are in the gutters of Montmartre, but whose soul is somewhere among the stars, and whose music runs through the heart of Paris, like a lover's tears.

These twelve tracks are fine examples. They include his greatest successes Love Story and A Man and a Woman as also his music for the re-make of 'La Ronde' entitled 'Dance of Love' and the current Lelouch-directed 'Happy New Year' (La Bonne Annee).
He also sings Sur notre etoile which is a delightful megaphonic song, born of the Gatsby era and the nostalgia for the old MGM musicals.

Francis Lai composes with a passion that is always touching - always tender - always a love story - always a man and a woman, and always popular. And always uniquely Francis Lai.



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