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La Vie Parisienne   -   Princess of the "Little P"   -   This is Me

Music by Francis Lai.  Lyrics: Hal Shaper
I still can hear the songs that Paris sung,
I close my eyes and once again I'm young.
It seems somehow an age ago,
My years of innocence were there,
And why I left I'll never know,
I still hear Paris ev'rywhere.

Won't you come along, listen to the song 
echoing across the tables and the years.
Just when when it was gone that accordion
captured so the precious mem'ries and the tears.

Been away so long, funny how a song 
seems to be not just a melody one hears.
And ev'ry now and then I think of it again, 
La Vie parisienne.

A little girl with eyes as clear 
as mountain streams who came to Paris
still believing in her dreams,
whose parents said "goodbye" there.
That little town where I was born 
that no one knows is still a place
one leaves and no one ever goes,
except maybe to die there.

And I believed in ev'ry thing
that I was told.
I still can see the streets of Paris
paved with gold, 
and men who would adore me.
And all the women 
standing at the doors of shame.
To me it seemed their lives 
were always just a game
that had no meaning for me.

And I still taste the sound
of ev'ry Paris tune,
and see the wine that 
filled the gutters of the moon
and spilled and flowed around me.
I'm still the girl with eyes
as clear as mountain streams,
and I left Paris still
believing in my dreams,
the dreams that never found me.

Those little towns where we born
that no one knows, 
they still are places 
that one leaves and no one goes.
And little girls with eyes
as clear as mountain streams
arrive in Paris still
believing in their dreams.

But ev'ry now and then
I think of it again,
La Vie Parissiene.
Music by Francis Lai.  Lyrics by Hal Shaper
For once my rose is comin'up red!
Got me a place to settle my head.
And where y' see the rainbow begin,
that's simply me asettlin' in.
Princess of the "Little P" spread.

I got some long-horn cattle t'race,
I got some wind t'feel on my face.
And all them politicians will call.
I'll get to hold the governor's ball.
Princess of the "Little P" place.

Got me a dream ta hold in my hand,
Got me some point for makin' a stand.
My dungaress are shakin' the dust.
For once I'm doin' somethin' I must.
For once I'm doin' somethin' I planned.
Princess of the "Little P" land.
Original French lyric by Francoise Dorin. English lyric by Hal Shaper
This is me and see my are open wide,
This is me who finally appears,
This is me with nowhere in the world to hide,
This is me whose eyes are filled with tears.
This is me who tried so very hard to live,
This is me who simply never knew.
This is me who gave you what there was to give,
This is me not knowing what to do.

I loved you somewhere,
now, how could I forget.
If you were here to tell,
there's so much I regret.

You, to you the world was fun,
You whose smile could warm the sun,
I've found how much I needed you
the day that you had gone.

This is me, and if at times I've cried a bit,
This is me, the way that I am made.
This is me, each day I seem to die a bit,
This is me, all alone and afraid,
all alone and afraid,
all alone and afraid,
all alone and afraid.


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