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Alaska  -   The World Should be Ours 

Music by Francis Lai -   Lyrics  by  Tim Rice
This is still unconquered land
where the slumber of the mountains
And the sometimes sullen skies
And the ocean's cold command.
Lead a stranger to believe
He should turn around and leave
But the stranger would be wrong
He should stay to understand.
For Alaska in her artic splendour
Isolation, desolation, power
Keeps her secret well
Stories she could tell
Stay untold.
For Alaska is the last adventure
Vast and lonely, one and only frontier
Able to withstand
Man's ambitious hand
In the eerie morning light
In the darkness of the forest
In the beauty of the beasts
In the eagle's silent flight
In the anger of the storms
In a thousand different forms
Beats the unexpected hand
Of this wilderness of white.
Repeat Chorus
The World Should be Ours
Music by Francis Lai -   Lyrics  by  Tim Rice
Pools of sunlight on the ocean
Fools in love in gentle motion
Out of reach of human madness
Man's sophisticated sadness
Dipping, diving, floating, falling
Every silent movement calling
Crystal clearly through the water
I love you (oh) yes I do.

The world should be ours
But it may just let us down
So I put my trust in yu
I won't drown, I won't be swept away
Far away on some capricious tide
I'm not alone
You're on my side.

Through the boundless blue dimension
In a state of sweet suspension
Unaware of rhyme or reason
Unconcerned with time or season
Dipping, diving, twisting, turning
Moving slowly, quickly learning
Moving slowly, quickly learning
More and more with each sensation
I love you, (oh) yes I do.

Repeat chorus

Dipping, diving, floating, falling


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