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NOTE: I made the transcriptions of these songs and some parts still require to be filled and some minor corrections too. If you have something to add, please contact me.  Fernando
It's Hard to be Tender
Music by Francis Lai. Lyrics and sung by Carly Simon
It's hard to be tender
it's hard to stay open
when your dizzy way (....)*
and your dreams have been broken.

Lying with you
beneath the skies
the country is so green and alive
loving you is the key to my survival.

Now, you have gone away
it's hard to ... river's cross
I remember how your killed me cold
in a shiver.

It's hard to be tender
it's hard to stay open
when your woods are on fire
and the river is frozen.

It's (world) on my knees and the child
never to foresay gotta bow
never to betray
the ones who love me

Now, you have come and gone
I find the strength to carry on
but the love that (breathed) so fast and warm
has grown colder.
Now, heart is turned to stone
it is just the bright size of growing older.

It's hard to be tender
but I'm tired of be (fending)
I know that I love you
so I write my own ending
 ()* bungler ??


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